Montessori Bambinos

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Montessori Bambinos was started by a group of individuals looking to raise awareness about the Montessori approach in 2014 in the run up to opening Cardiff's first fully Montessori Nursery. The plan was for the playgroup to cease once the nursery was operational. However, the playgroup was so successful , with children coming from as far as Newport to attend. Parents of children too young to attend the nursery were keen for their children to continue in a Montessori setting.


It was from there that we decided to set-up Montessori Bambinos. Providing young children with classes to attend and a support network for parents who fell in love with the Montessori approach to parenting and education.


Classes will re-commence at Cardiff Montessori School from Friday the 11th of Nov 2016.


Montessori Bambinos

Taster Sessions


Classes are bookable per term. We offer a free taster class to all new children.



Our classes follow the natural development of children. They begin with observing the mobiles and materials carefully developed to match their developmental stage and refining their grasp and coordination. As the child grows they want to discover the world around them, asking themselves "what is this?" . They are presented with a rich treasure basket to explore. Once they are mobile they next want to discover "what can I do with this?" and are ready for the heuristic play class.


They later move on to the Early Montessori classes where they begin to be introduced to the Montessori work cycle and develop their concentration as they focus on their chosen tasks. Preparing for longer periods of self-directed learning.


Our classes link to Cardiff Montessori Nursery- with children progressing from these classes into the nursery. However, our classes are open to all children.


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Treasure Basket


Suitable from sitting to when your child can crawl or walk.

Heuristic Play


Suitable from when your child is mobile to age 18 /19 months.

Early Montessori


Suitable from when your child is 19 months to age 2 years.

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